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Local Pet Services

If you are looking for a local business for help with your pet, click on the links below for more information. 

All of the businesses recommended below are ran by professionals that we know and trust. As with all of our recommendations, whether that be a dog trainer or foods and supplements to use, we'd always prefer to recommend somebody that we'd trust and use with our own pets, rather than just pulling a generic google search for services in the area. 

Dog Trainers

Canine Connection

Peterson Canine Care & Training

Dog Grooming

The Hound Bar

Dog Walkers

Home Sitters & Boarders

Pet Rescue Services

Happy Claws and Paws

Little Paws Rescue

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Other Pet Services

Pet Angels

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Canine Connection Dog Training

Amanda Hamilton-Shield

Dog Trainer and Owner of Canine Connection.

"As a dedicated professional, I am proud to hold full accreditation from the Assosiation of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Membership number 01580.

I am also a registered Animal Training Instuctor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). Currently, I am furthering my education through advance studies, pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour. 

With experience gathered over several years, which includes completing many training courses, assisting in classes at the Dogs Trust Dog School and still currently serving as a member of the Mutty Professor Training Team in Bristol. 

My aim is to work alongside clients to help them nurture a strong bond and work towards having a well-behaved, happy canine companion through positive, scientific, reward-based training methods. 

I am committed to guiding owners in achieving their training goals with enthusiasm and a focus on enjoyment and fun for all.

I enjoy long walks, training and agility with my own two dogs, Rocco and Poppy. Rocco often assists on training sessions as a helper dog and Poppy will be joining the team once she's matured and completed her training, as she's still only a youngster. 

We are also hoping to bring Hoopers Classes to Portishead soon!"

Contact Amanda:



Peterson Canine Care & Training.

"I've had dogs my whole life and have previously worked in boarding kennels allowing me to meet and learn about all breeds, from little to extra large, and how to handle them.


I grew up with the 'old fashioned' way of training which made me want to do better for my own dogs, which lead me into positive reward-based training. I've been running my dog walking and training business for 3 years, I'm always continuing my professional development so that I can keep up to date with the best positive training techniques and improve my skills as a trainer. I have several certifications which can be found on my website, including a level 5 qualification with the ISCP. I am fully insured and canine first aid trained."

What we offer:

- Positive, reward based training. This is all the way from puppies, to teenagers and through to adulthood. 

- 1:1 and group sessions are available, please see website for more information or contact us on the links below. 

- Dog walking (we are at full capacity at this time)

- Wedding chaperone if youd like your pooch to attend your big day. 

Contact Laura:

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As pet owners we don't often talk about the hardest part about owning a pet, the day that we have to say goodbye. Its a day that we all wish would never have to come, but when it does, we are always here. To listen, and reminisce about the wonderful life that you were able to provide for your beloved pet. 

Our store manager Georgia suddenly lost one of her dogs, Elsie at the beginning of March 2023. At an incredibly difficult time, Helen from Pet Angels was able to provide a huge amount of comfort to the whole family. 

"Losing Elsie was one of the hardest days that we've ever had to endure as a family, at the vets we were asked what we'd like to happen to Elsie after she'd passed. At the time we couldn't answer the question as the reality of the situation hadn't yet sunk in. After getting home we couldn't bear the thought of her being on her own, and knew that we wanted a personal service just for her. This is when Pet Angels popped into my mind. I'd known Helen as a customer in the shop for many years, and knew all about her personal story that led her to opening Pet Angels. After contacting Helen she was able to put our minds at rest that Elsie would be treated with the utmost care, she was able to collect Elsie from our vets and take her out to Ivy Farm to be cremated. Before doing so, she was able to take some precious paw prints and fur clippings from Elsie so that we'd always have something special to remember her by.

Within a couple of days we were invited to Ivy Farm to collect Elsie's ashes. Helen has done a wonderful job in creating such a peaceful environment, it made such a sad weekend just that little bit easier."


Pet Angels is a compassionate individual pet cremation service based in Banwell.

At Pet Angels, every pet is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We care for each pet individually, giving owners peace of mind knowing that their pets are being treated with a personal and compassionate touch. We believe pets are family and should be treated as such. 

All of the cremations carried out at Pet Angels are individual, a single pet in a single chamber with dignity provided at all times.

Contact Pet Angels:




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