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The Home of Bertie's Pet Food.

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking our own brand of pet food, Bertie's!

All of our food is made here in the UK, and we've spent a lot of time researching and fine tuning our ranges to bring your pets the best nutrition.

We currently have 3 ranges available for dogs, and 1 for cats.

In the video link below you can find out a little bit more about the quality and cooking process of our Bertie's Excellence Scottish Salmon DOg Food.

Bertie's Dog Food

Bertie's Hypoallergenic range

our hypoallergenic range currenlty consists of 4 different recipes, all of which avoid ingredients that are common food allergens in dogs such as wheat, wheat gluten, beef, pork, dairy and soya.

bertie's grain free range

our grain free range is formulated with a minimum 50% total meat content, sweet potato and vegetables. these recipes are completely grain free making them suitable for fussy dogs or those with known allergies or intolerances.

this is currently our biggest range instore with 8 recipes available.

bertie's excellence range

our excellence range is our highest meat content recipe, including a minimum of 65% animal ingredients. this too is a grain free diet suitable for those with allergies. our excellence range also includes naturally occuring collagen, and a unique superfood blend for each of our 5 recipes available.

this food is also packaged in bags made from compostable material.

dof fod.jpg

Bertie's Cat Food

Cats are obligate carnivores meaning that they need meat in their diet in order to survive. With this in mind we have chosen a high meat content recipe, that is free from grain and unnecessary fillers that can be found in some of the major leading brands - after all we wouldn't want to be eating ingredients that we didn't recognize!

In our Bertie's Excellence range for cats we currently have 4 recipes available:

- Kitten Turkey & Chicken

- Adult Turkey & Chicken (Suitable for active, outdoor cats)

- Adult Chicken, Salmon & Tuna (Suitable for indoor cats, sterilised, and senior cats)

- Adult White Fish & Herring Caviar (Suitable for indoor cats, sterilised and senior cats.)

currently available in 400g, 1.5kg and 5kg pack sizes. our 5kg bags are available to order online if you are not local to the store.

All 4 of our Cat recipes contain a total of 70% animal ingredients, no meat meats or animal derivatives!

This high meat content means that the food is highly palatable and we have great feedback from customers, even those with the fussiest of cats. 

cat fod_edited.jpg
cat foo d.jpg

One of the first pet food recipes to include Caviar for cats!

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